Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is SERVOISM for you?

Hello, welcome. I'm EpcotServo, and from now I'll be posting (Sometimes daily) small blurbs of SERVOISM. What is Servoism you ask? Not a blog. Without a doubt, it's not a Blog. Not even close! In this Blog-style page, I'll be talking nonchalantly about goings on. Figures, Music, Internets, Movies, Television, Anime, Board Games, what have you, and general daily Otaku grumblings. So is SERVOISM right for you?

Fig. 1A - Soul Crushing Depression

Does this look familiar? Well it should. That's your life! Reflect on it a bit, then proceed. If you feel like you could really go for a strong drink right now, have a strange urge to watch reruns of uncommonly average sitcoms, or feel like you need to go the bathroom but don't want to walk all the way to the bathroom, don't panic! This is normal. Just repress the hidden feelings and continue on. Bury it deep down in there!

Fig. 17Y- Is Servoism the way to SUCCESS?

Are you looking to succeed in life? If the answer is yes, daily reading of Servoism may not be right for you. Consult your doctor or local Geek!

Fig. 4C - Anime: Scientifically proven to be better than the American Dream

Have you now, or ever, been to Japan? If you have, then you will never understand the frustration that is: Servoism.

Fig. 36F - How does Disney affect you, emotionally?

If you know what "EMV", "DVC", "DAK", or "DCA" means, you're always welcome!

Fig. 2G - Figures & You

When your hear the word "Figures" do you think of "Mathematics" or "Imported Plastic, PVC, or Resin"? If the answer is the latter, you too are on the path of enlightenment!

Fig. 24L - It's a Wonderful Otaku Life

Word Problem: You are in a store of things you enjoy. You clearly notice that there are other like-minded people shopping around you. Do you...A: Politely Converse with others, or B: Avoid eye contact and continue shopping fast and orderly, like on a Mission from God. And do you live EVERY day like that moment?

Fig. 49X - You are Success!

Congratulations! You've powered your way into the high-energy blog of Tomorrow through your can-not-do spirit! Through just asking a few simple questions, we've determined if you're right for Servoism after all! You clearly embody the spirit of EpcotServo, Tom Servo, and FREEDOM. See you Tomorrow! Bye-eee!

Fig. 7H - Looks like you're stuck here

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