Monday, March 30, 2009

The Day (And You)

Fig. B37 - Planning

The closet is a place of formidable gathering, boxes stacked like Towers of the Toys conquered. Cleaning it was, in a way, depressing. I mean, all I did today was get rid of things. Even if they were trash, it still means one less thing in my room that I can't replace right now. Sure, eventually it will fill back up again, but that still leaves me with just dealing with trash today.

I've gottta stop shopping online, shouldn't I?

Oh well, that's why God invented Anime and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Not sure if God invented them, SERVO

Saturday, March 28, 2009

How can I be so Thoughtless

Fig. G5 - Spaced Out

So I've gotten much slower in my postings. I thinks it's partly because of the lack of comments (Hint Hint) and secondly because I've been pretty thoughtless. Feels like my mind is just kind of hollow with random bits of junk flying through. Sure, there's the occasional "I need this" or "I'm so depressed", but in general I've just kinda' been doing things. Not really in a Thinking mood I guess. I feel like my want for things I can't get has just kinda put my brain in safety lockdown until further notice.

Anyhoos, Kingdom was a blast and you can check out the Update over at the UPDATEPAGE.

Tries to think up a closer, SERVO

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheer-Me-Up-Chan (Part 2)

Fig. SL1 - My only Pain Reliever for Springtime Seasonal Depression

So Spring is upon us and I'm in a funk. I want to do some work to my room, but surveys have proved all options to be near impossible, both in terms of Logistics and Permissions. WDW is laying off a ton of people, and that's sad. I finished Code Geass, and as predicated: I feel pretty hollow because it was so great I got SO involved it emotionally. I'm still in yearning for that Dakimakura, but first things first: I must get a Figure.

Give me the the figures! VE NEEDS THEM!

Oh, one thing though: Scott Pligrim is fantastic.

Other than that, consider me still in a funk.

Donations more than welcome, SERVO

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Entertained

Fig. T6 - It's OK to Laugh now

Sorry for the lack of postings. I guess I've just been doing alot of stuff I don't feel like blogging about. Or maybe it's just all the non-news. Which, by the way, some here is:

Watch the World. CREEPY.

Tales of the Black Freighter is out on DVD Today.

A Very True article that best sums up the problem that is most American Anime fans.

Midway Mania is getting a Wii game. HUH?

Yep, that's about it. Sorry I can not entertain! (^ ^;)

Sleeps some more, SERVO

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shame on the Road is written off!

The Hatsume Spring Festival Road Trip Pictures!

Fig. HF1 - Watching some Azumanga Daioh on the Road. Octopus!

Fig. HF2 - Sun shining through the Rain Clouds that passed over several times

Fig. HF3 - The place is really pretty!

Fig. HF4 - The Gardens & Lake

Fig. HF5 - The other side of the Lake, just before the violent rain storm

Fig. HF6 - Palm Beach. This is crazy! Have you seen this, or would like to try it?

Fig. HF 7 - The rough waves and a Distant Cargo Ship

Fig. HF8 - Haruhi Suzumiya is everywhere!

(^ ^)/

Rests for awhile, SERVO

Friday, March 20, 2009

Road Trip!

Getting excited for tomorrow's big Road Trip! Can't wait! Hatsume Fair will usher in this spring with ANIME! Yes Please!

Hopefully this'll be so fun I'll forget all about my aching back and crushing depression for awhile! Until then, Bye-eeeee!

Ready to Roll, SERVO

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Disappointments, Decisons, and Delusions

Fig. A4 - Serious Business

So here's how messed up I am. You know the Battle of the Yoko Figures that I want desperately and feverishly? Well after looking through the New Contender's fantastic photo resume, I've spent all day thinking about which one I want more. Now here's the thing...BOTH aren't fully out in Japan yet, and Both are too expensive and hard to obtain. In most likelihood, I will never ever get either of them. So really this is a REALLY speculative discussion.

But I'm so narcissistic that even in my fantasy world where I can get either of these figures, my mind won't settle on "Get them Both". I HAD to make a decision, even though that situation is long away, if even possible, it was still plaguing my brain.

In the disappointments column, Bioshock 2 WON'T be Co-Op.

If that dosen't grind your gears, take a look at Haruhi games you'll never play, that come with Haruhi freebies you'll never have!

Oh, and if you're wondering which Yoko won out: It's Max Factory's Real Image version.

Until mind changes that decision, SERVO

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Faster Servo, Post! Post!

So I've caved in to the technopopulist hit: Twit-er. You can now see my Daily Minutes at my dedicated TWIT page, or in the right corner right here in Servoism.

Speaking of less said and faster spoken, today's servoism will be short because I'm pressed for time. Sorry I spent most of the day watching Ouran Host Club!

(^ ^;)

The other day I mentioned that if I had a choice between a Girlfriend and the Bounty Hunter Yoko statue, I'd choose Yoko. Well as if to really crush me, take a look at THIS new Yoko Statue!

Fig. 6R - It's called Good Smile Company, but then why do they make me cry?

Yeah, I think that's a pretty good reason you should visit SERVOISM instead of the Twitter page first.

Sits defeated in the corner, SERVO

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keeping you posted

Fig. 9Y- The Reveal

Today I took some time to print up s0me Posters to add to the Wall of Moe beside my bed, some might see it much like the scene from Genshiken above. (^ ^;)

If it makes them feel any more comfortable, should that lost soul venture into the lair of SERVO, I also have a new, full-size, not printed out, official WATCHMEN poster also on display. Though of course I doubt that they'd see it as any more normal I suppose. I love Posters. Call me an Otaku (Well, not much choice you have there actually.) but I just love decorating the bare walls with images of awesomeness that mean alot to me. It's also ever-shifting, and moving when I get new poster arrivals. A Geeky Room tis' of me!

Speaking of Posters, check out this one about The Dude...

In technologic news, the iPhone version 3 is coming, and they want me to pay ten bucks to get basicly a bug fix upgrade. C'mon Apple! C'mon!


Since it's really been a newless post, I'll leave you with a FAVORITE from the YouTube files.

Remembers watching The Disney Afternoon, Servo

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cheer-Me-Up-Chan (Perhaps Part 1?)

Fig. L1 - Mikuru

Seems like many of my posts have been rather depressing or angry due to the times and such, so I thought while nothing much is going on in mah world, I'd cheer us all up with some Mikuru!

I Feel better already! (^ ^), SERVO

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Me Vs. Them

Fig. 8B - Face Palm

Not that I haven't already lost my faith in people generally, it's just that Watchmen dropped 71% this weekend going against THE RACE (Not Escape) FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN. Yes, all those people said screw something smart, dark, and unique in favor of their thought: "I need to see The Rock and Little Kids in a Taxi, RIGHT NOW."

Not to mention Code Geass getting the mid-last-season shaft.

A look at Popcorn and Movie tickets, years ago Vs. today.

And if that doesn't palm your face, take a read on how Evil Sony is advertising big skeery video games to the little innocent kids...

But if there is one thing to cheer us big cool kids up, Haruhi-Chan makes the pain go away!

Thank Haruhi, SERVO

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fighting Spirit, where are Thou?

So today was "One of those days".

I'd describe it, but I have no idea what "One of those days" really is, I just know when I've had one, which in this case I have.

UPDATE is up, got that going without too much problems.

I'm REALLY proud of my D64 Certryficate of Membership.

Speaking of which, my joke that 64 was better than D23 caught on, and now us 64's are really catching on. Roh, Roh, Fight da Powa'!

Fig. L9 - Have I mentioned I want this statue even more than a girlfriend yet?

Speaking of Power fighting, here's the trailer for the second Gurren Lagann Movie.

Yes, that movie is not coming to America. Damn my eyes!

Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek is a new awesome Tokyo Disneyland Ride. Yet another hit for OLC!

On the Money Fighting, I couldn't be more proud of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart. Once again, since all the Mainstream Media are currently lying to you, Daily Show is now the only source of ACTUAL, hard-hitting journalism that without a doubt deserves an Edward R. Murrow award, and if the people who distribute that award don't see parallels between the McCarthy days and the last few years of the Daily Show, then they're fools.

In the category of "HELL YES", BioShock 2 will be Co-op fighting.

/Film is trying to fight for a film that sounds awesome.

Observe and Report looks great.

By the way, please, PLEASE go see Watchmen this weekend. Even if you've seen it, see it again! If you haven't seen it, GO! Just see it already! Do it for me. Athanksyou!


Lots of Fighting into today's Servoism post.

The Awesome lonely fight of the Otaku continues, SERVO

Wednesday, March 11, 2009



WELL the unfairness continues. Looks like they're building a life size Gundam. How cool is that? Worst part is that I will never see it because A: I'll never get to Japan, B: They're taking it down in two months anyways. Can you believe that?


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Times, they are a changin'

Fig. R6 - Try to Laugh

Well they finally did it. I've said before that it's a tough world out there for a real Otaku, and last night sure was one of those times. After giving nothing but RATINGS to Cartoon Network, they've decided to put Code Geass, one of the best television programs ever, into a indefinite (AKA "Bulls__t") Hiatus.

I don't think enough attention is ever paid to the Mediums that get away. Like many a important media, twisted bureaucrats and greedy corporations are letting truly important and better things get away just because "The Masses" of people aren't watching.

The bureaucrats move higher.

The Corporations get more money.

The Masses move on.

The Ignorant look away.

The Close-Minded don't give anything different a chance.

The passionate fans fade into obscurity.

An art form dies out.

And no one's left to ask why they let this happen.

It's already too late, SERVO

Monday, March 9, 2009


Fig. 9F - Yukari

Sorry for the lack of postings! I'm off to apply the writings to the screenplays.

OK, so I might have spent valuable blogging time on constructing the SOUNDTRACK to said screenplay...


Writes it off, SERVO

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Fig. H8 - Watches

Watchmen was Amazing. Perfect. Loved it. Exceeded high Expectations.

Though I was amazed at the number of small children brought to a late night showing of a HARD R Movie. Didn't they get the Memo? You have kids, you forfeit the right to see awesome movies for a bunch of years. That's just how it works. As Patton Oswalt said "We promised to have an Invisible child named TenHoursSleepADay, and he was going to be perfect."

People so generally annoy me.

On cool kids though, Kyon's Sister is apparently getting a Figma. Very nice, though I have no Kyon so...

is cool. AMERICA is severely disappointing.

That's just how it is, isn't it?

Goes to see WATCHMEN again, SERVO

Friday, March 6, 2009

The End is Near

Fig. x7 - THE END

Ok, not really. Just getting in the WATCHMEN mood, since tonight's the big night.

Speaking of Watchmen, you have to check out the opening to the Watchmen Sunday Morning 1980's cartoon. HILARIOUS.

He's also made awhile ago, the AMERICAN AKIRA, and that was the BEST.

On the Figure front, GSC has teased us with a fanservicey Hatsune Miku, which lead me to it's orgins, one of the best vocaloid songs I've heard.


A discussion about Danny Choo's mascot being Dakimakura-ized really brought home the want (Well, need actually) for one. I'm usually not a fan of Pilliow Cases, but I need one and will not endure it NOT being a beacon of moe for my entire room.

Unfortunately their extreme high price and unattainably, and the amount of Figures and other goods also needed, I don't think I'll see one collected anytime soon.

I believe I could've summed all that exposition up into just one word, and an emote.

(^ ^;)

But if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need, SERVO

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


DONE with the Update. I took way too many pictures. Combine with tiredness and it made Updating actually seem like work.
(^ ^)

Fig. u5 - The End is Nigh

Some cool viral marketing on the streets of New York for Watchmen. Can't believe it's just a day and a half away!

Speaking of the Films, rumor has it Daft Punk will be scoring Tron 2.

Did that news just blow your mind?

Considers his mind blown, SERVO

Monday, March 2, 2009

No News is Not Good News

Where's all the news?

Not here, that's fer sure. I honestly don't have anything to talk about.

Except this stuff.
Fig.1L - Nyoro-n...

Watchmen is a scant 3 days away, and if you haven't already gotten super-excited for watching some watchmen, check out THIS site to watch the trailer again and check out some very cool character-based trailers that will be coming up in the coming days.

All is quiet on the Parks front, though look for an Update coming in the Wednes of day!

Though there's been no new enviable figures as of late, I've been enjoying my temporary position of power as my FIGMA's show off the new Mikuru statue that looms over them, looking super-moe and fantastic. The figures from MegaCon are just in time to brighten up the room with their loveliness for the next few weeks! In case you didn't know, my room is like Howl's Moving Castle. I just HAVE to add something cool to it, or rearrange something lest I go mad. It's a true Otaku Habitat!

Fig. F1 - When the MegaCon is Done

Post-MegaCon depression is starting to creep in. Yes, a good deal of attendees there are posers who will eventually grow up and follow the leaders, but sharing the tradition of CON-going with the true Geeks & Otakus is always fun enough to miss it when it's gone. Plus all the shopping! Thankfully Watchmen, the upcoming Hatsume Fair, Jacon, and AFO are coming up, so unlike past years I have a tight schedule for avoiding the ConReaper. Which I just made up.

Til' the next Blog for Great Justice, SERVO