Saturday, March 7, 2009


Fig. H8 - Watches

Watchmen was Amazing. Perfect. Loved it. Exceeded high Expectations.

Though I was amazed at the number of small children brought to a late night showing of a HARD R Movie. Didn't they get the Memo? You have kids, you forfeit the right to see awesome movies for a bunch of years. That's just how it works. As Patton Oswalt said "We promised to have an Invisible child named TenHoursSleepADay, and he was going to be perfect."

People so generally annoy me.

On cool kids though, Kyon's Sister is apparently getting a Figma. Very nice, though I have no Kyon so...

is cool. AMERICA is severely disappointing.

That's just how it is, isn't it?

Goes to see WATCHMEN again, SERVO

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