Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Times, they are a changin'

Fig. R6 - Try to Laugh

Well they finally did it. I've said before that it's a tough world out there for a real Otaku, and last night sure was one of those times. After giving nothing but RATINGS to Cartoon Network, they've decided to put Code Geass, one of the best television programs ever, into a indefinite (AKA "Bulls__t") Hiatus.

I don't think enough attention is ever paid to the Mediums that get away. Like many a important media, twisted bureaucrats and greedy corporations are letting truly important and better things get away just because "The Masses" of people aren't watching.

The bureaucrats move higher.

The Corporations get more money.

The Masses move on.

The Ignorant look away.

The Close-Minded don't give anything different a chance.

The passionate fans fade into obscurity.

An art form dies out.

And no one's left to ask why they let this happen.

It's already too late, SERVO

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