Friday, March 13, 2009

Fighting Spirit, where are Thou?

So today was "One of those days".

I'd describe it, but I have no idea what "One of those days" really is, I just know when I've had one, which in this case I have.

UPDATE is up, got that going without too much problems.

I'm REALLY proud of my D64 Certryficate of Membership.

Speaking of which, my joke that 64 was better than D23 caught on, and now us 64's are really catching on. Roh, Roh, Fight da Powa'!

Fig. L9 - Have I mentioned I want this statue even more than a girlfriend yet?

Speaking of Power fighting, here's the trailer for the second Gurren Lagann Movie.

Yes, that movie is not coming to America. Damn my eyes!

Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek is a new awesome Tokyo Disneyland Ride. Yet another hit for OLC!

On the Money Fighting, I couldn't be more proud of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart. Once again, since all the Mainstream Media are currently lying to you, Daily Show is now the only source of ACTUAL, hard-hitting journalism that without a doubt deserves an Edward R. Murrow award, and if the people who distribute that award don't see parallels between the McCarthy days and the last few years of the Daily Show, then they're fools.

In the category of "HELL YES", BioShock 2 will be Co-op fighting.

/Film is trying to fight for a film that sounds awesome.

Observe and Report looks great.

By the way, please, PLEASE go see Watchmen this weekend. Even if you've seen it, see it again! If you haven't seen it, GO! Just see it already! Do it for me. Athanksyou!


Lots of Fighting into today's Servoism post.

The Awesome lonely fight of the Otaku continues, SERVO

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