Sunday, March 15, 2009

Me Vs. Them

Fig. 8B - Face Palm

Not that I haven't already lost my faith in people generally, it's just that Watchmen dropped 71% this weekend going against THE RACE (Not Escape) FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN. Yes, all those people said screw something smart, dark, and unique in favor of their thought: "I need to see The Rock and Little Kids in a Taxi, RIGHT NOW."

Not to mention Code Geass getting the mid-last-season shaft.

A look at Popcorn and Movie tickets, years ago Vs. today.

And if that doesn't palm your face, take a read on how Evil Sony is advertising big skeery video games to the little innocent kids...

But if there is one thing to cheer us big cool kids up, Haruhi-Chan makes the pain go away!

Thank Haruhi, SERVO

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