Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheer-Me-Up-Chan (Part 2)

Fig. SL1 - My only Pain Reliever for Springtime Seasonal Depression

So Spring is upon us and I'm in a funk. I want to do some work to my room, but surveys have proved all options to be near impossible, both in terms of Logistics and Permissions. WDW is laying off a ton of people, and that's sad. I finished Code Geass, and as predicated: I feel pretty hollow because it was so great I got SO involved it emotionally. I'm still in yearning for that Dakimakura, but first things first: I must get a Figure.

Give me the the figures! VE NEEDS THEM!

Oh, one thing though: Scott Pligrim is fantastic.

Other than that, consider me still in a funk.

Donations more than welcome, SERVO

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