Monday, March 2, 2009

No News is Not Good News

Where's all the news?

Not here, that's fer sure. I honestly don't have anything to talk about.

Except this stuff.
Fig.1L - Nyoro-n...

Watchmen is a scant 3 days away, and if you haven't already gotten super-excited for watching some watchmen, check out THIS site to watch the trailer again and check out some very cool character-based trailers that will be coming up in the coming days.

All is quiet on the Parks front, though look for an Update coming in the Wednes of day!

Though there's been no new enviable figures as of late, I've been enjoying my temporary position of power as my FIGMA's show off the new Mikuru statue that looms over them, looking super-moe and fantastic. The figures from MegaCon are just in time to brighten up the room with their loveliness for the next few weeks! In case you didn't know, my room is like Howl's Moving Castle. I just HAVE to add something cool to it, or rearrange something lest I go mad. It's a true Otaku Habitat!

Fig. F1 - When the MegaCon is Done

Post-MegaCon depression is starting to creep in. Yes, a good deal of attendees there are posers who will eventually grow up and follow the leaders, but sharing the tradition of CON-going with the true Geeks & Otakus is always fun enough to miss it when it's gone. Plus all the shopping! Thankfully Watchmen, the upcoming Hatsume Fair, Jacon, and AFO are coming up, so unlike past years I have a tight schedule for avoiding the ConReaper. Which I just made up.

Til' the next Blog for Great Justice, SERVO

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