Thursday, March 19, 2009

Disappointments, Decisons, and Delusions

Fig. A4 - Serious Business

So here's how messed up I am. You know the Battle of the Yoko Figures that I want desperately and feverishly? Well after looking through the New Contender's fantastic photo resume, I've spent all day thinking about which one I want more. Now here's the thing...BOTH aren't fully out in Japan yet, and Both are too expensive and hard to obtain. In most likelihood, I will never ever get either of them. So really this is a REALLY speculative discussion.

But I'm so narcissistic that even in my fantasy world where I can get either of these figures, my mind won't settle on "Get them Both". I HAD to make a decision, even though that situation is long away, if even possible, it was still plaguing my brain.

In the disappointments column, Bioshock 2 WON'T be Co-Op.

If that dosen't grind your gears, take a look at Haruhi games you'll never play, that come with Haruhi freebies you'll never have!

Oh, and if you're wondering which Yoko won out: It's Max Factory's Real Image version.

Until mind changes that decision, SERVO

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