Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keeping you posted

Fig. 9Y- The Reveal

Today I took some time to print up s0me Posters to add to the Wall of Moe beside my bed, some might see it much like the scene from Genshiken above. (^ ^;)

If it makes them feel any more comfortable, should that lost soul venture into the lair of SERVO, I also have a new, full-size, not printed out, official WATCHMEN poster also on display. Though of course I doubt that they'd see it as any more normal I suppose. I love Posters. Call me an Otaku (Well, not much choice you have there actually.) but I just love decorating the bare walls with images of awesomeness that mean alot to me. It's also ever-shifting, and moving when I get new poster arrivals. A Geeky Room tis' of me!

Speaking of Posters, check out this one about The Dude...

In technologic news, the iPhone version 3 is coming, and they want me to pay ten bucks to get basicly a bug fix upgrade. C'mon Apple! C'mon!


Since it's really been a newless post, I'll leave you with a FAVORITE from the YouTube files.

Remembers watching The Disney Afternoon, Servo

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