Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beware the Weekends


People love Weekends. After a long week of working, who wouldn't enjoy two days of kicking back and relaxing? The Premise: Love it. The Execution: Not that great. For me, I spend all week facing trials and tribulations with a new mindset of confidence. Every week I make up a new mantra and believe that this is the week everything will be OK. It works!

Until the Weekend. Then the hell brakes loose. It's never anyone's fault, it's just that for me the weekend is when all the crap I DON'T enjoy decides to happen between Friday evening and Monday morning. Is it the weekend's fault? Maybe. Think about it...Saturday and Sunday are the only (Non-holiday) days of the calender that promise f
un. I mean, nobody in offices say "Hey, it's almost TUESDAY! Can't wait!" or "Thank God It's Thursday". Even though, statistically, you've probably had more enjoyable Tuesdays than you've had "Fun" Sundays. Think about it. How many Tuesdays do good plans go awry? Almost never. You expect a Tuesday to suck. When in reality, you probably got some work done, watched some TV, spent some time on the computer, had a nice lunch or dinner and then went to sleep early or late, your call. Even though you may have had unwanted things to do, you probably did them on YOUR time, because others were busy. Now think about Saturdays. Oh how you waited for them...made plans with friends. Made plans for yourself! And how often have those plans been completely derailed to unforeseen circumstances? Often I assume. Friends can't make it, they have other plans. Other people force you into situations you don't want to do. How many saturdays and sundays HAVE YOU REALLY been in COMPLETE control of?

Everybody pulling you around on the weekends, most likely. So whereas weekdays promise suck, they actually have more of a chance to offer some nice moments of solitude and relaxation. Normality. Control. The Weekends? Promise nothing but fun, and when the fun doesn't arrive, where are you left?

Standing alone in the rain on a Sunday waiting for someone to make you do something you never really wanted to do in the first place.

Fig. 8E - This wouldn't be as bad.

So hopefully I'll feel better tonight after LOOK AROUND YOU. Thankfully TV shows are the shot of hard liquor that can always make annoying days a bit better. On Friday we have pure DOLLHOUSE happiness from Joss Whedon. And Saturday we have my stories, CODE GEASS , which is pretty much the best show ever and will leave me tumbling around in the wind due to hollow-shellness after it ends.

Fig. j5 - FIGMA is LOVE

Danny Choo (AKA LUCKY ) gives us fresh pictures of upcoming FIGMA this week. His Week In Tokyo Blog partly inspired to finally start Servoism up, under the title "A Week NOT in Tokyo".

Over at WDWMagic my online home-away-from-home, it seems like lots of sighs will be shed over the loss of Jim MacPhee's departure as EPCOT Vice President. This is really bad news, because I think these past years have been the best in EPCOT's modern history. And in his place we get someone who was in charge of Magic Kingdom, and we all know how well off that park is nowadays.


It appears that Michael Cera has been cast as THOR, and Edgar Wright has been cast as the new Lara Croft in a new Tomb Raider film. Great casting choices!

Oh well, even though it is another week not in Tokyo, Saturday brings me the ONE day of the year I really love: MEGACON! By this time in just a few short days I'll get a rare day of lines, comics, and buying the Otaku things that make me oh so happy with my few precious monies. So until then I'll just have to endure my sucker-punched stomach and aching back and wait for the CON at the end of the tunnel.

Til' tomorrow inter-friends...

-Hits himself several times on the head until he is knocked out, SERVO

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