Sunday, May 31, 2009

Servoism at work

Fig. HC3 - Site Updates

You may notice a few updates 'round the site, so let me explain so you can turn and face the change. (Ch-Ch-Changes.)

-New Updates Banner, so that you might better clickey over and give that a visit.

-Servo's Videos: Adding my YouTube channel to the mix so you can watch some of my videofilm projects.

-Team Servo following header added

-Cargo Bay banner, so you can see some of my Zazzle products and seeeeuch.

-THE HITOCOUNTER DEVICE, giving stats as to how many people have visited the site. Don't worry, they're mostly me, so I'll be the first to get sucked into space and time and get eaten by a giant Camel Cricket if it's not on the level.

So that's about it for all that work. What do you, the viewers at home think? Anything you'd like to see added/changed here on the page?

Ya'll come back now: Ya hear?, SERVO

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