Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not enough Oxygen out there, for an Otaku like me

Fig. M52 - Akiahabara Battle Uniform

Whew. Tough two days. Had a good time at Studios yesterday, but was extremely set back by stepping in human poop - in the middle of a busy walkway - and the assholes around me who laughed. May they die a thousand deaths aside, I was also just generally upset at the behavior of all these "Normal" people around me. Usually I get over it, but it really ticked me off yesterday. I'm getting really tired of crude people and caveman like behavior in public. Where's respect gone off to these days in this country? These are the many thoughts I was thinking of on my solo travels.

Anyways, waking up exhusted and being (Forcibly) made to get a Haircut upon (Forcibly) requests from those around me didn't make my mood better, but feeling better now with the worst behind me. Pressured into getting my shaggy hair removed, my new hair looks kinda like Madarame in the above picture...

Speaking of which, I hope to visit my Anime cool stuff shop tomorrow - Hope that goes well.

On a non-related note, 1 to 1 scale GUNDAM. AMAZING.

Dons Downtown Orlando Battle Uniform, SERVO

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