Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Madarame #2

Fig. GM1 - Monday Madarame

"The air is way too thin up there for an Otaku like me. I'll go crazy! I'll die from lack of oxygen."

Most people LOVE to shop for clothes at trendy retailers. But for Otaku like me, it's a serious problem. There's just something that makes us extremely uncomfortable being in just about any shop that doesn't sell DVDs, or figures, or at least electronics. Maybe it's the overpriced fashionable clothes and the prying eyes of trendy employees, or the overpowering smell they have. Fancy clothes and popular "look" styles are just not my thing. Just a few minutes spent with anyone looking at "hip" clothes makes us feel like we're up in thin air! Do we dare respond to the piercing glare of "cool" employees with their obviously ill-fated question "Can I help you with anything?" at the risk of losing precious seconds of air supply? I'll stick with being unfashionable thank you. What about you? Do you look uncomfortable in a Fancy Clothing Store, or start shopping away?

Teaching you to be Tolerant of me, SERVO

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