Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek WIN

Fig. 4S - Mirror Mirror

IN MY HONEST OPINION... I feel that Lost is a seriously overrated popular television show lacking a real story that means anything of value. Cloverfield is one of the worst films to come out in the last twenty years, and I do not take statement lightly. (Wearing Tom Servo shirt for Pete's Sake...), so here is what I have to say about "Star Trek"...

OH MY SWEET GOODNESS THAT WAS AMAZING! Just PERFECT. It's absolute proof of my long claim that you can give us the original goodness: The sounds, The costumes, The characters, and it WON'T BE CHEEZY. And it wasn't! It was perfect! Beyond perfect! The story was fine, and best of all the actors and the characters. I love the original Trek characters, and every moment was a real treat. Simon Pegg was so good as Scotty! Best of all, Bones! Every single one of his lines and acting was better than amazing!

Must go see it again.

Too many things done perfectly to talk about.

Sooooo...Abrams, I give you this candy bar.

You...You've earned it.

Now please go see it for yourself!

Likes this ship: It's exciting, SERVO

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